Visit to Baikal – the deepest lake

Visit to Baikal – the deepest lake

Bottom of Baikal – the deepest lake in the world – the mystery hidden for centuries that humans seek to discover .

” The owner ” of Russia’s Lake Baikal is beautiful and vast . The people of Russia or Great Lake called sacred . This is deep and large freshwater lake in the world , appeared on earth about 30 million years ago . The lake is formed by a fracture of the crust . With the wider area of ​​31 thousand km2 and a depth of 1,642 meters , Lake Baikal is the perfect place to stash those great mysteries .
Visit to Baikal

Visit to Baikal – the deepest and oldest lake in the  world .

According to folklore , from many years ago a meteorite crashed into the earth and created a giant crack . And that is Lake Baikal . People here are rumors that Sea Lake owns a mysterious supernatural powers can extend the life of man . So if you have the opportunity to travel to this place , do not be too surprised to see many adventurous dip in the lake water at a temperature of -5 degrees C to be immortal .

The islands of Lake Baikal also has its own mythology . It also tells us that each transmission Olkhon island of the lake is where Genghis Khan was born . God Jessus also been here for blessings . And the Cape Ryty of the lake west of the cursed and those who deliberately passing ability die here ” sudden death ” very high .

Although less than 0 degrees but some people still come here soaking in cold water .

Visit to Baikal - the deepest lake .

Lake tributaries of the Angara and Yenisey river also originated the legendary colorful life . Folklore has it that in the old days where there is a man named Baikal live power . He has a beautiful daughter Angara . Very loving daughter , he became furious when Angara runaway to come up with the love of his life , he Yenisey . Baikal angry threw a piece of mountain road not sure her daughter to meet her lover. On the run , Angara parched . Her father begged pardon but responded coldly Baikal , the only thing he can give her this time tears of oneself . The legend that explains why tributaries Angara and Yenisey rivers to form a tear today. As Baikal , because the sad story of girl became moody as usual seemed chilly Lake .

Visit to Baikal – the deepest lake

In 2009, we again see Lake Baikal appear strange circles 4.4 km in diameter . Two years later , a ship named Yamaha missing in this lake because the water sucked into the vortex great . It is believed that the vortex that is the road to hell is hidden beneath the lake .

People living near here also recounted the mystery they had ever seen . One of them is that they often saw the strange scene on the lake as castles , trains , boats … At night sometimes the bottom of the lake was ghostly glow . As explained from the scientists , the images that people can see is an illusion created by the difference in temperature , humidity in the air …

Visit to Baikal – the deepest lake .


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  4. Visit to Baikal – the deepest and oldest lake in the world .